Saturday, March 31, 2012

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Some indiduals understand the importance of air duct cleaning as a regular maintenace activity for the home and some don't. This article is for those who don't. Air duct cleaning can have many benfits to homeowners who maintain a duct cleaning regimine. Air duct cleaning can improve the indoor air quality, reduce allergens in the air, and significantly reduce dust collecting on your furniture.

For those who have never had their air ducts cleaned and  never asked any questions about their indoor air quality, this is for you. Indoor air quality is very important when living with resperitory problems, such as asthma, so maintaining a clean enviroment free of allergens or inhibitors that cause allergic reactions is a must. Air duct cleaning can do this by removing debris, allergins, and dust out of the conditioned space. For example, if the pollen count in your city is high, the indoor air quality may also have the same problem. Mold may also be inside of your air handler system causing spores to spread throughout the home and breathed in by dwellers. An air handler and duct inspection can prove a winner on improving the quality of air you and your family breath. The Epa recommends air duct cleaning on a as needed basis. Visual inspections by the homeowner can be done as well. Checking the vents to see if dust and debris is collecting on walls or ceilling can be an indicator that the your air ducts my need to be cleaned.

Reduction of allergins in the conditioned space in the home is a big reason for air duct cleaning. There are many sufferers of allergies and whether you have just moved into a home or are selling the home, it may be in your best interest to clean the air ducts. Prime example, say the previous owner of the home you just purchased had a pet cat, but you are deathly allergic to cats. You can seem to figure out what could be causing the extreme allergic reations you have been having, well here is your answer...The air your breathing has dander and inhibitors causing you to react in a certain way.

Dusting can be a problem in many homes across the cosmos, but if your the one doing all the dusting, it can be the reason for a migrain every so often. Air duct cleaning and blower motor cleaning can help with this problem by removing most of the dirt and debris congrigating on your brand new dinning room table or black marble counter tops.

An Indoor Air Quality Specialist can help with these problems and give you the easiest way to clean your ducts. Call or visit for a free estimate or to set an appointment.